Yet Another Blog? Why?

Aren’t there enough blogs out there already? Why another one?

Because Northern Eclectica will be different. (You’ve heard that before, no doubt. Read on.) The observations, opinions, problems, and proposed solutions presented here won’t be just personal rants passed off as “reality.” Although many of the subjects that will be discussed may well seem controversial for some readers, they will be presented always with reason, patience, and civility. The positions of others that differ with the positions of this blog will not be automatically dismissed as a matter of course, nor will be the individuals that hold those positions (that is, no shouting and no name-calling). Further, the statements of others who disagree with Northern Eclectica will not be modified, taken out of context, or fabricated when they are addressed here.

Relevant comments are encouraged, especially if they contain criticisms, but only if commenters reciprocate with civility, fairness, and respect. It is expected that comments will contain appropriate justifications for the claims within, or at least an honest attempt to justify them. Comments that merely agree or disagree with Northern Eclectica likely will not be approved for publication, since they can’t contribute to the discussion.

Expect the unexpected; it will be different. Don’t be surprised if you are surprised. Join a discussion when you find it important to your life or when you have an insight not noted. Welcome to Northern Eclectica.

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